CIPL Launched their most awaited online learning platform COIPL this month (June 2019)

COIPL was launched on the premise that every individual deserves access to world-class education to reach their goals and pursue their dreams. In 2015, we launched it as an ICT development project under CIPL and the Digital India campaign for skill development where we built the first collection of online courses on Digital Marketing and Web Designing.

CIPL Launched their most awaited online learning platform COIPL this month (June 2019)

COIPL offers high-quality courses to students from all across the nation. We connect students to the best instructors, allowing them to study the latest digital trends from anywhere, at any time, and at any subject level. CIPL welcome you to explore COIPL online courses where you can discover a wide range of timeless and timely topics taught by expert educators and professionals. Each of our educators and professionals has an individual interpretation and a unique perspective of a particular field of study. We hope that the course materials and lectures, which reflect the values of fundamental learning, inspire your own creative imagination and critical thinking.

COIPL is India’s one of the largest eLearning platforms for skill training and development. We are a social enterprise dedicated to making it possible for people to develop their skills in digital trends from anywhere and at any time. Over the years, we have grown to become a significant force in online education and skills training.


1. Advance teaching through research
2. Increase access to high-quality education
3. Establish COIPL as a great place to grow


1. We are driven by our belief in the power of skills training to change people’s lives for better
2. We want to transform how people learn
3. We want to create innovative solutions to help students learn from anywhere


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