How To Select The Perfect WordPress Theme For Your Blog

POSTED ON Now, you must be done with choosing a perfect niche for your blog and selecting the most appropriate Domain Name and Web Hosting. Choosing WordPress to build a blog is a great decision, but you might be confused in picking up an exquisite as well as a user-friendly WP theme for your blog.Most people are normally confused […]

Why Heading Tags are Important for On-page SEO

With the continuous evolution of numerous ranking algorithms, the parameters of ranking are changing consequently. Now there isn’t any single parameter that influences the ranking of a page on Google. Subsequently, parameters which were once considered as important are not so anymore, while numerous new factors have come into play to decide the ranking of […]

What is Google Crawling and Indexing in SEO?- itech god

What is Google Crawling and Indexing in SEO?

Website design enhancement is a major, remote ocean. To completely comprehend SEO, we should know some essential SEO terms. Crawling and indexing are two such terms.On the off chance that you have been in the web world for some time, you’ve in any event heard the words: Google Crawling and Indexing. These are the two […]

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9 On-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Site Ranking

Before we find out about different tips and traps of On-Page Optimization, we have to recognize what precisely On-Page streamlining alludes to. On-page SEO alludes to every one of the methods and steps that can be actualized inside a webpage and in its code which eventually help in enhancing the situation of a site in […]